About Me

With over two decades of rich experience, Sri K Hanmandloo is an accomplished Chartered Accountant and the proprietor of Hanmandloo &  Co., a Chartered Accountants firm having its headquarters in Nizamabad.

Born in the year 1958 at Morthad village in Nizamabad district, he graduated in Commerce from Girraj Government College in Nizamabad in the year 1977. He then went on to become a qualified Chartered Accountant in the year 1983 and also took his degree in Law in the year 1992.

Long years of experience as a Chartered Accountant and his association with several social, cultural and non-government organizations has made him ponder one thing that bothered him night and day – which way are we heading! Why Indian economy is in a mess! Why Indians have lost the principle element of “peace” in their lives!

Being a traditional man he is strongly felt the need to advise and guide his fellow citizens how to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. This website www.konda.co.in is an outcome of his deep concern for the society.

A quick look at the following list of social, cultural and non-government organizations with which Sri Hanmandloo is associated with, speaks volumes of his concern for the society.

  1. Presently he is the President of Tax Bar Association, Nizamabad
  2. Member of 4 Committees – Banking & Insurance, Company Law & Economics & Civic Issues, and Direct Taxes Committee of FAPCCI, Hyderabad
  3. Past president of the Lions club of Indur (1998-99). Also served as Zone Chairman of the Club
  4. One of the promoters of the Nizamabad chamber of commerce and Industry
  5. Past president of AVOPA, Nizamabad
  6. Associated with Saraswathi Shishu Mandir as Vice president of Kotagally school
  7. President of Morthad Saraswathi Shishu Mandir School
  8. He has been a patron for poor students by way of giving and arranging financial aid to for their studies.

Now, through this website, Sri Hanmandloo will offer guidance and consultancy services so that people can take right decision in matters of wealth and lead a happy and prosperous life.

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