What We Do

We Develop Your Business Plan For You,

So You Raise Money and Grow a Successful Company

  • Did you know that venture capitalists, loan officers, and even angel investors have a very specific way they want and expect a business plan to look?
  • If any part of your plan doesn’t match what they want and are used to, that’s it. They’ll never look again, and they certainly won’t invest.
  • Did you also know that most business plans never receive a single dollar of funding?
  • And do you know how to avoid the critical flaws that practically guarantee that any potential investor looking at your plan will lose interest within the first few pages and get scared off from your idea, even if they had interest before?
  • And finally…do you know that even when they raise capital, most businesses fail?
  • If you’re here because you need a great business plan to get your company off the ground or to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Why? Because Sirisampada’s consulting team has a track record of developing business plans that raise money and transform entrepreneurs’ visions into successful businesses.

    In fact, over the past decade, Sirisampada has developed successful business plans for over 2,000 entrepreneurs and businesses like yours. Our clients have raised in funding and, more importantly, they’ve gone on to build numerous multi-million dollar empires.

  1. Profit Plans to enhance revenues
  2. Cost Reduction possibilities
  3. Productivity Analysis to maximize profits
  4. Investment and Asset Analysis
  5. Management Information systems
  6. Financial Management Services
  7. Process Management Services
  8. Resource Management Services
  9. Marketing Management
  10. Acquisition/merger
  11. Commercial Information
  12. HRD-Evaluation
  13. Fiscal imbalances of over investments, over maintenance of inventories, over borrowings etc..
  14. Ideal levels of maintenance of assets
  15. Ideal levels of investments proportions
  16. Income enhancement opportunities of investments
  17. Borrowings not to be used for expenditure.
  18. Interest not paid out of borrowings
  19. Installments not paid out of borrowings.
  20. Preparedness for acquiring new assets without or less borrowing.
  21. Preparedness for meeting three months expenditure.
  22. Preparedness for meeting shortages in supply of raw materials.
  23. Free flow of funds, raw materials, goods services.
  24. Other Related Activities.
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